Is Vapour Blasting the same as Aqua Blasting ?

Yes Vapour Blasting, Aqua Blasting & Soda Blasting are all the same process

How does Vapour / Aqua Blasting work ? 

See the video in the link below

How Much Does It Cost ?

Depending on the component and it's condition, our services vary in price. We offer a free, no obligation quotation service so we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Just send us an email to with images of the component(s), and we will get back to you with a quote or call us direct on 01524 761398 to discuss your requirements.

All items are treated with great care whilst in our posession , we understand many components are very valuable & not easy to source replacements if damaged or lost. 

What can we clean ?

We can clean most metal components and antiques using Vapour / Aqua blasting to return them to their original condition. 
We specialise in cleaning car and bike parts as well as metal antiques, however, we are more than happy to provide a quote for any metal components or objects you need cleaning.
This process is ideal for anyone restoring classic car and motorcycle parts, bringing these components back to a nice satin / polished look which is very easy to keep clean.

Almost any metal can be cleaned using Vapour /Aqua blasting including Steel, Aluminium, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper etc.


For all components brought to us for vapour blasting you must first ensure all parts are degreased and any gaskets and heavy sealants are fully cleaned off. As the vapour blasting process is water based any ferrous components that will rust i.e. threaded inserts, dowels etc must be removed. We do use a rust inhibitor in our vapour blasting process to minimise flash rust as some ferrous parts cannot be removed.
Please remove all Roller, Needle and Ball Bearings, Shims, Springs, O-rings, oil seals and any other light press-fit or slip fit parts – however Plain Bushes, studs and dowels can be left in place Painted components must be removed from engine casings prior to cleaning and must be reasonable degreased.

We do have the facilities to degrease your parts for you if you cannot do this yourself, please     mention you require this service when you email / call.    

Vapour /Aqua Blasting will not remove paint, this willneed to be removed before we can start the blasting process.

Can I wait whilst the job is done ?

Yes you can book a convenient appointment that suits you ,minimum wait time would be an hour or more subject to the condition /size of your component/s.
Arnside is a beautiful seaside village with many Cafe's & Shops to visit and is certainly worth a walk round ,we are within walking distance, just 500 yards from the centre.

Can I Post you my items ?

Yes you can send your items to us, we will then get them blasted , we aim to have your items blasted within 3 working days, we will then individually wrap each item in bubble wrap before, packaging them securely in a box and despatch to you with one of our shipping partners , TNT ,UPS ,DHL or Royal Mail.

Will it Damage my Parts ?

No, vapour blasting is unlike dry blasting its more of a polishing or lapping process and could be described a burnishing. The water acts as a lubricant and alters the angle in which the media strikes the surface reducing the impact and material removal.